Aryn has been dancing since February of 2014, beginning her bellydance adventure as a student of Allegory. Aryn has managed to take classes with several local and not local instructors. She has also attended workshops with Elizabeth Strong, Aubre Hill, Mychelle Crown, and Bari “Zyphire” Hendershot. On average, Aryn takes 5 classes a week and hopes to begin broadening her skill set as a new member of Allegory.

Aryn has briefly studied modern, jazz, and ballet while in attendance at Fresno City College where she danced in two theatrical recitals. Aryn has also had the opportunity to take a semester of African-Caribbean dance when she was a student at California State University, Chico.

Before arriving in Chico, Aryn was a martial artist in Mariposa, Ca. for 5 years. She trained with Angie Bond for 13 years with the Mariposa Martial Arts Academy in the style of Kemscrima-Doh. 

She has recently obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology.