Emily Purvis


Emily began studying belly dance in September 2006 with Sarah Adams, and joined Sarah’s troupe Origin in August 2008 as a member of Origin’s Student Troupe, Basis. Basis was incorporated into Origin as full members of the troupe in 2010.

Emily has attended workshops with Carolena Nericcio, Aubre Hill, Jill Parker, Natalie Nayun, Emily Alrick, Elizabeth Strong, Shoshanna, Mira Betz, Mychelle Crown-McDermott, Princess Farhana, Sahra Saeeda, Seba Blanchard, and Quinn Donovan among so many others. She enjoys the opportunity to stretch her belly dance capabilities to their fullest and always enjoys the frustration of a new challenge.

Outside of belly dance, Emily is inspired by Neil Gaiman, used bookstores, 1940’s musicals, and other forms of dance movement.

You can often find Emily at coffee shops, the cheese counter of any grocery store, or Farmer’s Markets.

Emily is excited to continue her dance journey with her friends Jenny, Toni, and Aryn as they create Allegory together.