Toni first started dancing back in her home state of Nebraska performing ballet.  Fast forward many years later, she made a big move to Chico, CA. She studied other forms of dance such as contemporary, hip hop, and swing. In 2008 she ventured into the world of bellydance learning from Sarah Adams, founder of Origin Tribal Bellydance.  She has also taken classes from various performers such as Wild Card Bellydance, Emily Alrick, Aubre Hill, and Jill Parker.  After a few years of lessons, Toni was invited to join Origin Tribal Bellydance.  She not only performed with Origin but also began teaching.  After the disbandment of Origin, Toni helped to create Allegory Tribal Bellydance in 2014 and still continues to teach.  With her drive, passion, and the support from her fellow troupe mates, Toni hopes to find more performance opportunities and sources of inspiration.